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California land parcel research made easy!

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Parcels. Lines display over Google Imagery or alternate map bases chosen by user.

Property Data. Owner name and mailing address, street address, assessor parcel number (APN), assessed values, parcel size and other property data available with a click.


  • Intelligent Search. Find parcels by searching assessor parcel number (APN), owner name, or street address. Enter one to find the other.
  • Live Share. Send your map view live via links to clients, associates, and others. The link opens in your map, just as you compiled it, and for two hours the recipient gets all the same map functionalities and data access as you.
  • Advanced Select. Compile and download ownership and other property data instantly. Select parcels singly or in multiples.


  • Query. Identify parcels meeting criteria you set, applicable individually or in series. For example, identify all parcels between 5 and 10 acres in size with zero improvement value and an assessed value of less than $50,000.
  • Map view exports. Insert title and print or save as PDF. Or export as PNG for use in presentation graphics.
  • Metrics. Measure distances and areas. Click for latitude and longitude coordinates.
  • Street View. Drop into the nearest Google Street View with two clicks.

Auxiliary base map layers:

  • US Topo. Automated feed from the US Geological Survey; continuously maintained.
  • USGS 7.5’ Quads. Rich compendium of planimetric and topographic history.
  • OpenStreetMap. Collaboratively compiled by open source street map users.


  • Google Terrain. Shaded relief base made from USGS digital elevation data.
  • PLSS grid. Public Land Survey System. Township, range, and section numbers.

Available Counties

One month $29
One year $319
Day Pass (24 hours) $10

COLLABORATOR SEATS - Distribute map access to associates.

  • Each SEAT permits another person to be logged in at one time.
  • Invite an unlimited number of users. You (the Administrator) always have access.
  • Users manage their own login credentials.
  • You manage user access through the SEATS dashboard.
  • COLLABORATOR SEATS work across all your ENPLAN PV maps.
$20/seat /month
$220/seat /year

OUTREACH - Compile owner data and print mailing labels.

  • Select by set distance (buffer) to subject parcels as well as other methods.
  • Download to tables or spreadsheets, or print mail labels directly.
  • Save/print views of parcels whose owners are selected for mail notifications.
  • Easily comply with hearing notification and sensistive use siting requirements.
  • OUTREACH works across all your ENPLAN PV maps.

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Get prompt assistance 9-5 Pacific Time, Monday-Friday via chat, phone, or email. Our team is eager to help and learn about your experiences with PARCEL VIEWER.

“The very best aerial views of California parcels on the web!”
James R. Negele, Attorney, Negele & Associates, Los Angeles
“ENPLAN’s Parcel Viewer makes systematic siting of sensitive retail facilities almost instinctual. Learning the nature of neighboring properties, proximities, and meeting notification requirements can happen all in one motion.”
Raj JP, Managing Director, Jiva Life
“I love your product. I use it on all of my property development projects.”
Chris DeCamp, Director of Technical Services, Win River Resort Casino
“I couldn’t believe how wonderful your site is and I’ve recommended it to many people.”
Karen Cleland, Author/RE Investor
“Learned how to operate PV quickly, much easier to use than other sites.”
Norman Braithwaite, Engineer, Pacific Hydrologic, Inc
“The most efficient and comprehensive tool available for locating important information about a parcel. It does the job of 3 other websites, including MLS.”
Bill Carter, Real Estate Broker
“I use Parcel Viewer in combination with listing services when searching for property to purchase. PV provides owner names and mailing addresses for contact purposes. It is a great tool for people who are diligent when looking to purchase property.”
Edoardo Croce, Property Investor
“Parcel Viewer is awesome! It is such a great tool for land developers or anyone dealing with land. The terrain tools are amazing and give you a good idea of the property characteristics before you even get there on the ground! So glad I found this tool!”
San Saephan, Property Investor
“Unparalleled aerial views of parcels and best map navigation experience on the web! I love your a la carte pricing model…... most cost-effective solution available today. Thank you!”

John Power, California Land Investor, Sea Ranch
“Thank you for your assistance and great customer service. Parcel Viewer was extremely helpful in determining property boundaries, water resources, elevations and the distribution of timberland on a property we are looking to purchase. The imagery and other features made it very easy to understand the overall dimensions and lay of the land. ”
Renée Wolfe and Robin Uhalde
“I am a volunteer and docent at the Kelley House Museum in Mendocino working on a Historical Atlas for this small, unincorporated seaside town. The subscription to your PARCEL VIEWER website has been invaluable to us. Thank you for this well-designed and easy-to-use research tool!”
Karen McGrath, Mendocino County, CA
“Your new County Assessor Parcel Map download feature works perfectly. I love having the simple, immediate access and this helps to round out an already awesome service. Thanks to you and your great team!”
Kurt ‘Skip’ Born, General Manager, Clear Creek Community Services District
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