The ultimate parcel web map for research and collaboration.

Intelligent search. All through a single window using our new Prodigy engine. Search by

  • Owner name
  • Assessor parcel number (APN)
  • Street (situs) address

Find owner name, APN, or address. Search one to find the others. See parcel and verify.

Click parcel for property data. Go to parcel in map and get it all with a click.

Google imagery. Most up-to-date and highest-resolution map imagery base available.

Download map views. Print or save as PDF, or PNG for use in graphics. Insert title.

Advanced Select. Choose parcels in multiples via point, box or lasso for data viewing and export.

Download property data. Select parcels strategically and export property data to spreadsheets.

Live Share tool. Send dynamic or “live” map view links to clients, associates, and others as desired. The link opens in your map, just as you compiled it, and for two hours the recipient has all the same functionalities and access to the same data as do you, the subscriber, except for the account. Great for dropping someone straight into a particular view of a parcel or context.

Query tool. Identify parcels meeting your particular criteria, applicable singly or in series. For example, you can identify all parcels that are under 10 acres in size, over 5 acres in size, have zero improvement value, and that have an assessed value of less than $100,000.

Collaborator Seats. Invite associates to collaborate using seats you add as needed. You may invite as many as you wish, they just have to share the seats you have added. Great for project teams and distribution of access within enterprises under a single subscription that can be managed centrally. If custom datasets or layers are added, all collaborators see the same information.

Map window controls. All data, tools, and other functionalities are accessible without leaving the map window. The map you compile, your framing, along with layers and parcels selected (for example), remain in view and all operations are conducted from that interface for the length of your entire visit.

Owner mailing addresses. Multiple select, view, and download to CSV files.

Measure distances and areas. Start with a single click and end with a double.

Point coordinates. Latitude and longitude with a click.

PLSS layer. Get township, range, and section identification numbers with a click.

Municipal boundaries. View city, county and other municipality extents.

Street View. Drop into the nearest Google Street View with a click.

Zoom Box. Pull to draw a box any size, let go, and PV automatically zoom to that frame.

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Sharing login credentials has many disadvantages. So we created Collaborator Seats to allow concurrent, secure, economic, and professional sharing of access to Parcel Viewer with clients, and colleagues within organizations.

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  • Each seat enables any one user to access any subscribed map at one time.
  • The account manager (AM) may invite as many users as desired – no limit.
  • Each user creates their own access credentials which they can reset themselves.
  • Users can be removed easily by the AM without disrupting access by others.
  • The AM always has a seat reserved for exclusive map and dashboard access.
  • If all seats fill thereby interrupting team workflow, simply add more!
  • Seat billing recurs in sync with map billings.

$20/MONTH OR $220/YEAR

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